The Author:

Diemme Black is an author of contemporary romance novels who loves captivating her readers with stories about real women and alpha males who love them. In writing her books, Diemme gives a voice to sexy women and their hot men in a way that keeps you enthralled and wanting more. And, of course, the romance and erotic scenes are a nice plus.

Diemme has been married to her husband for over a decade and is still madly in love. Diemme lives on the West Coast, likes to travel to all different beach destinations, and loves the sun and the sand. She thoroughly enjoys reading other romance and erotic novels.

Her Books:

The women in Diemme Black's books are attractive, voluptuous and both vulnerable and confident. Real women with great curves, the lead female characters are sexy but sometimes self-conscious. The lead male characters in her stories are masculine, alpha men who are fond of curvy women of impeccable character -- they know what they want and won't stop at getting it.

Diemme Black currently has three books published and is working on her fourth one. Rocking Me, which is a stand alone in the Rokk Me Hard™ Series, was published in 2015, and Strumming Me, also a stand alone in the Rokk Me Hard Series, was published in 2016. Inked My Life, the first book in the Tattooed Heart® Series, was published in 2014.

Rocking Me: Ali has a body with curves in all the right places. But her dark past has prevented her from finding the right guy. She’ll sleep around to have a good time and make herself feel better, but long-term relationships haven’t been her thing. When she randomly trips over some hot-as-hell guy who strikingly resembles her favorite rock star, she’s shocked that he asks her out. Ali can’t believe that a guy like Jace would find her attractive, but she’s more than happy to try to get him in the sack. Jace thinks she is the sexiest thing he’s ever met, but if he blows his cover he may have no chance with her. Will their erotic nights be enough to overcome their dark pasts? Or will they rock each other’s world and finally find romance that has eluded them?

Strumming Me: Sarah has finally escaped the man who almost had her forever but never had her heart, but she's still left hurt and confused. Now she's even more cautious than she was before when it comes to life, and especially men. Matt Lewis is the guitarist in the band Blacking Out, and while he has women flinging themselves at him every night, the second he sees Sarah he knows his playboy days are over. When he rescues Sarah from her past, he's determined to become her future and he'll stop at nothing to make her his. While Sarah wants to commit to more than just a fling, she's not sure she can ever move past what she's been through. Matt knows how to play Sarah's body, but can he find the right chord to strike her heart?

Inked My Life: Lily has many things that she loves in her life. She loves her college sweetheart turned husband. She adores her twin son and daughter. She is passionate about being an erotica writer, and she worships everything about tattoos. When Lily decides that it’s time to put her love of tattoos into her next book, she calls on her own tattoo artist, C.J., for help. C.J. agrees to let Lily shadow him at his tattoo shop and learn all she can about tattooing. Even though Lily had already spent hours around C.J. getting her body tattooed, she never realized just how gorgeous he is. Not only is he sexy as hell with a chiseled body, he’s also an amazing artist and a very caring person. Lily is drawn to him instantly. Can she resist her feelings for C.J. and remain faithful to her husband? Or will her husband’s actions or something else throw her into C.J.’s arms?

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